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Corporate Philosophy

SPATY®-  this is the result of more than 40 years experience of engineering electric motors and drives, combined with latest technology of factory automation, at the heart of Saxony.

Within the framework of our long-term cooperation with universities from Saxony and Silesia, as well as closely networking with specialized cooperation partners, our projection of technological advance is secured and the offspring of skilled workers and engineers permanently enhanced.

Our focus is the further development of customized drive solutions, based on the well-proven SPATY®- platform. This includes intelligent bus-compatible compact drives and intersectional automation systems.

Our comprehensive offers include:

  • In-depth analysis of application requirements before submitting proposals for the most effective solution
  • Design, development and manufacturing of customized solutions, including mechanical and electronic assemblies , sensor systems and controls
  • Support during commissioning of new equipment
  • Reliable after sales service

in house services...

  • Development of Hardware and Software
  • Type testing
  • Reliability and EMC testing
  • Engineering of production and testing equipment
  • Assembling and testing with retraceable logging
  • Further development together with customers

 out of cooperation we get...

  • Motors
  • Gears
  • PCB
  • Mechanical components
  • Special approbations and audits