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Tradition and Perspective

  • Since the 1930s Hartha in the heart of Saxony, has been the centre for the development and production of small electric motors and drives. The diverse history of the region has always been influenced by the innovative achievements of a creative workforce, engineers and entrepreneurs.
  • The establishment of SPAT® - Spezialantriebstechnik GmbH in 1990 enabled its team to demonstrate their abilities and to satisfy their enthusiasm for a range of specialist products.
  • The company continues the tradition of engineering electric motors and drives at the power center of the eastern industrial region of Germany.
  • The company’s own R&D facilities for evaluating, measuring and testing of hard- and software formed a base for achieving national and international references.

Industry 4.0

The integrated intelligent compact drive SPATY® forms part of the future network of crosslinked machines and equipment. It is the combination of classic drive functions and plant management.

SPATY® is Modularity for Individuality.