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Below you can find selected references of application-specific solutions. The catalogue also provides an overview to the design options based on the SPATY® platform.





Bild: SPATY® basic version

SPATY® basic version

The basic version of SPATY® shows controller PCB and multiturn encoder

Bild: SPATY® turntable drive

SPATY® turntable drive

SPATY® Turntable drive for the rotation of a rehabilitation apparatus

Bild: SPATY® foil feeding drive

SPATY® foil feeding drive

SPATY® -Drive for clocked foil feeding of a packaging machine, performing up to 1,200 cycles per hour

Bild: SPATY® tracker drive

SPATY® tracker drive

SPATY® -Drive, having stainless steel housing, for tracking a solar thermal energy system

Bild: SPATY® Scanner drive

SPATY® Scanner drive

SPATY® Scanner drive for high precision positioning of cameras

Bild: Tissue feeder drive
Tissue feeder drive

Drive for feeding tissue to an offset printing machine cleaning unit

Bild: Positioning drive
Positioning drive

Drive for positioning a cleaning unit of an offset printing machine

Bild: SPATY® format adjustment

SPATY® format adjustment

SPATY® Format adjustment for post-press processing, performing up to 3,600 cycles per hour

Bild: DC-bobbin drive
DC-bobbin drive

DC - bobbin drive of a textile machine, featuring interchangeable brushes

Bild: SPATY® robot drive

SPATY® robot drive

SPATY® Robot drive of a textile manufacturing system

Bild: DC-format adjustment
DC-format adjustment

DC - Drive for format adjustment of a printing machine

Bild: SPATY® Low-Cost actuator

SPATY® Low-Cost actuator

Low-Cost actuator with DC-motor and SPATY® controller

Bild: SPATY® actuator

SPATY® actuator

Heavy duty industrial actuator, featuring SPATY® controller and auxiliary fieldbus -interface for the connection a additional remote display

Bild: SPATYDETACHED controller


SPATYDETACHED controller, servo motor with true-absolute multiturn encoder, featuring the unique SPATYCODER interface and SPATYSCC (Single Cable Connection)