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Bild: The basic version of SPATY® shows controller PCB and multiturn encoder
Bild: SPATY® Turntable drive for the rotation of a rehabilitation apparatus
Bild: SPATY® -Drive for clocked foil feeding of a packaging machine, performing up to 1,200 cycles per hour
Bild: SPATY® -Drive, having stainless steel housing, for tracking a solar thermal energy system
Bild: SPATY® Scanner drive for high precision positioning of cameras
Bild: Drive for feeding tissue to an offset printing machine cleaning unit
Bild: Drive for positioning a cleaning unit of an offset printing machine
Bild: SPATY® Format adjustment for post-press processing, performing up to 3,600 cycles per hour
Bild: DC - bobbin drive of a textile machine, featuring interchangeable brushes
Bild: SPATY® Robot drive of a textile manufacturing system
Bild: DC - Drive for format adjustment of a printing machine
Bild: Low-Cost actuator with DC-motor and SPATY® controller
Bild: Heavy duty industrial actuator, featuring SPATY® controller and auxiliary fieldbus -interface for the connection a additional remote display
Bild: SPATYDETACHED controller, servo motor with true-absolute multiturn encoder, featuring the unique SPATYCODER interface and SPATYSCC (Single Cable Connection)
Since 1930 Hartha is our location of the development and production of small electrical drives. Tradition and Perspective

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Our concept reflects more than 40 years experience in the construction of electric motors used to operate automation technologies at the site Hartha in Saxony resist.

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You can benefit from more then 40 years of experience in the field of electric motors and the implementation of latest automation technology at our base Hartha in Saxony. We advise, develop, design, assemble and inspect.

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