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The fields of accomplishment of SPATY® - drives are as manifold as the variety of applications. The platform concept supports drive and positioning systems on the basis of brushless (BLDC) and brushed (DC) motors, stepper motors and servo motors within a power range of up to 750W. Those motors can be combined with a wide range of planetary and worm gears, as well as various special gear designs. SPATY® - drives can be built with degrees of protection that range from simple touch protection up to hermetically sealed.

And, last but not least, SPATY® - controller engineering offers standard as well as any customized fieldbus system. 

With regards to numerous demanding applications the manifold attainments of SPATY® become transparent.

By reference to many successful applications, drives with the SPAT® trade mark can be found in the following sections of industry:

Printing machines

  • Format adjustments
  • Positioning of modules
  • Adjusting guides
  Packaging machines
  • Positioning functions
  • Clocked feeding of materials
  Measurement and control technology
  • Adjusting flaps
  • Positioning valves
  • Servo controls
Wood working machines
  • Adjusting guides during format adjustment
  • Positioning of cutting and calibrating tools
  Medical equipment
  • Positioning of patient tables
  Green energy
  • Trackers
Show and entertainment
  • Track controls
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